Jerusalem Baptist Hopkins January 2017 Prayer Focus

Everyone Joining Together for Prayer

Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people. Isaiah 56:7

January 1st, Pray for a powerful move of The Holy Ghost at JBC doing Sunday worship services in January.

January 2nd, Pray for focus at JBC.

January 3rd, Pray for Pastor Harvin and family for protection and guidance.

January 4th, Pray for people to turn their lives over to Christ.

January 5th, Pray that God will strengthen the laborers in the vineyard.

January 6th, Pray for the blessing of God on all marriages at JBC and for singles to seek after God first.

January 7th, Pray for the love of Christ to rest, rule and abide through God’s children at JBC.

January 8th, Pray for the elderly at JBC for safety and healing.

January 9th, Pray for the anointing of God on Sunday & bible school teachers at JBC to teach the word.

January 10th, Pray for the ministerial staff and their families at JBC.

January 11th, Pray for healing and restoration at JBC spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

January 12th, Pray for reconciliation and forgiveness at JBC.

January 13th, Pray for hearts to be convicted and turned to repentance at JBC.

January 14th, Pray for the members to catch a hold of the vision at JBC and run with it.

January 15th, Pray for wisdom for the leaders at JBC.

January 16th, Pray for peace all over the United States.

January 17th, Pray for people to be delivered and saved in Jesus name.

January 18th, Pray for the gifts at Jerusalem to be stirred up.

January 19th, Pray for all the ministries and ministry leaders at JBC.

January 20th, Pray that God will lead faithful, committed and God fearing men to serve at JBC.

January 21st, Pray for youth Sunday that the children at JBC will minister through song and dance and that they are in their right position doing what God has called them to do on the 4th Sunday.

January 22nd, Pray that God will reveal your purpose and for others purpose to be revealed to them at JBC.

January 23rd, Pray for those that have fallen away from God to repent and turn back to God.

January 24th, Pray whatever God has put on your heart concerning JBC.

January 25th, Spend time in prayer acknowledging and thanking God for
who he is and for his son Jesus Christ.

January 26th, Pray for sinners to have repented hearts.

January 27th, Pray for those in jail and those that are in prison in their minds.

January 28th, Pray for the healed and recovery list at JBC.

January 29th, Pray that JBC members will walk in God’s will for their lives.

January 30th, Pray for those that the enemy has control over them that are loosed to serve and worship God.

January 31st, Pray that God will continue to give JBC clear directions for his will and give God thanks for answered prayers in Jesus name.